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Second class and dining room

The project started in January 2023 with one class of 25 children. We want to expand each year with an additional class, so we have now started building a second classroom.

In addition, we want to create a separate dining area, since the children are now eating in the classroom itself.

Want to contribute to the expansion of our school? Make a donation to BE60 7370 6333 4070


Water tank and sanitary

Due to the urgent need for drinking water, we want to purchase a 5000-litre capacity water tank, which can be placed on a mobile platform on the school grounds. Such tank will allow us to replace plastic bottles with a more ecological alternative.

We also want to provide sanitary facilities so that the children and staff can wash their hands regularly. For now, this is done simply in a bucket or not at all.


Want to contribute to the expansion of our school's water facilities? Make a donation at BE60 7370 6333 4070

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