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Sponsor a child or teacher

With your support we can build the future of underprivileged Kenyan children together. You can contribute yourself by sponsoring a child or teacher, or by making a free gift. 

Sponsor a child - €15/month

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As godmother or godfather of a child from our school, your contribution really gets a face. You see how your sponsor child grows up and you can follow the progress at school via the newsletter, reports and even letters from the child itself. With your sponsorship, we give the children: 

1. A uniform 

2. Two meals a day

3. Learning materials 


As we want to expand our school every year, we're always looking for new sponsors. 

Sponsor a teacher - €10/month


Through your contribution we can donate extra learning material, give training, but also give the teachers an extra boost in their private lives. 

Do you want to sponsor a child or a teacher?

Then send an email to

Free gift

Would you like to make a free contribution to Tabasamu, without a specific child or

sponsor a teacher? Then you can make a free deposit to the account number

BE60 7370 6333 4070

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